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Haemostatic assays
on a whole new level.

Introducing the next generation platform for bleeding/thrombosis risk testing.

Application Areas

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Pediatrics and Neonatal Care

Currently available technologies for haemostatic assays require a prohibitively large blood draw for neonates and young patients. As a result, these tests are often not performed even though they could provide critical diagnostics for medical professionals. Our technology requires a fraction of the sample volume, making these tests viable.

Home Care

Anticoagulants (blood thinners) are prescribed to over 40 million patients annually in the U.S. alone, but there are no reliable solutions on the market for self-monitoring dosage. The risk of overdose is high: anticoagulants are implicated in 33% of emergency hospitalizations for adverse drug events with adults over 65 years old 🔗. Our technology can be delivered in a package small enough for home point-of-care and does not require frequent calibration or a trained technician.

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