Our platform is built around acoustic levitation technology that enables quantitative viscoelastic and optical measurements of a sample with high accuracy and repeatability. This non-contact technique avoids premature clotting due to surface contamination for higher reliability.


Key Benefits

Non-contact assessment

Coagulation measurements are performed without any surfaces contacting the sample, avoiding contamination and tainted results.

Small sample volume

Only one drop of blood (< 6 µL) is needed for testing. 60x less than competing solutions.

Comprehensive testing

Plasma and blood assays with the ability to monitor viscoelasticity, PT, aPTT, thrombin generation and platelet function simultaneously.

Fast results

Tests are completed within 10 minutes.


Patents and Publications


  • (Pending) PCT/US14/55559 entitled “Apparatus, Systems & Methods for Non-Contact Rheological Measurements of Biological Materials”.

  • (Pending) PCT/US2018/014879 entitled “Integrative Photo-Optical/Mechanical Test for Noncontact Measurement of Polymerization”.


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